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Herman J. Good VC

Branch # 18

Bathurst, New-Brunswick Canada

It is a pleasure for me, comrades, on behalf of myself and the executive,
to welcome you to our Herman J. Good V.C., Branch 18, Royal Canadian Legion website.
I extend to you also an invitation to visit our Legion Branch, Bathurst N.B.,
so you may visit our much talked about museum and share ideas
as to how we may continue to make our Branch more active and prosperous.
Our website will give only; a birds' eye view of our Branch interior.
It would be interesting if we could have Legion visitations with one another to share a little friendship.
Yours in comradeship

Tim Good

Herman James Good was born in South Bathurst, New Brunswick, on the 29th of November 1888.
He was educated in the local public school and later engaged in lumbering operations in the Bathurst area.
The action described in the citation took place in the vicinity of Hangard Wood on the 8th of August 1918,
during the first day of the Canadian Corps attack in the battle of Amiens.

" For most conspicuous bravery and leading when in attack, his company was held up by heavy fire
from three enemy machine-guns, which were seriously delaying the advance. Realizing the gravity of the situation,
this N.C.O. dashed forward alone, killing several of the garrison, and capturing the remainder.
Later on Corporal Good, while alone, encountered a battery of 5.9 inch guns, which were in action at the time.
Collecting three men of his section, he charged the battery under point blank fire and captured the entire crews of three guns."
The London Gazette, 27th September, 1918