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Herman J. Good VC

Branch # 18

Bathurst, New-Brunswick Canada

The idea for the clock came about after attending the 50th anniversary festivities of Holland's Liberation. In May 1995, I attended, along with 6000 or more Canadian Veterans, a parade in Apeldoorn, Holland.

When I returned from Holland, I started drawing the plans which took approximately three weeks. The plans were approved by the late Harper Jennings. The oak and supplies were purchased by the Branch. Woodwork was started in mid-July and finished in mid-October.

Total wooded parts were 278 pieces, the smallest about the size of the nail on the small finger. The center of the dial is a genuine deft-blue Dutch tile, 6" in diameter.

The clock was inaugurated at the Herman J. Good V.C. Branch # 18, on 11th of November 1995.

Wilhelmus Bongers